No matter how long you’ve been around, you may still struggle to find your voice, to say the things that you really believe and not just the things you believe others expect you to say. Finding your voice is about having the courage of your convictions, being willing to change when you learn new information, or when you recognize something you never quite understood before. Your voice needs to give you value and strengthen everything you write.

Only you can decide the tone and the style of the voice that conveys your personality, causing you to be unique and distinctive. If you were a singer, your audience would know your voice in an instant and they’d be humming along. If you were an actor, you’d be so good at portraying the voices of others that people would believe you and come back to see more of your work.

As a writer, your voice invites people in and causes them to connect with all the places you’ll take them. You soothe their fears by sharing stories and ideas that resonate with the experiences they have in life. You raise the bar on things they thought they already knew, but now wonder if they should learn a bit more. Your voice brings them into your story, your devotion, whatever your form of writing might be because you have peeled the onion layer by layer and allowed them to know you, given them permission to enter into your world and walk with you.

When you know the voice you want to share, you lead your readers into the most amazing places, letting them feel the very Spirit of God in brand new ways.

Jesus knew that His sheep, His believers, would recognize His voice any time and follow Him. No one else had a voice like His. Your voice will draw readers in as well and give them a new opportunity to be nourished as you graciously point them in the direction of the Master Himself.

Write with passion and with truth and with the kind of voice that allows your work to stand out from the voices of all others. After all, there’s no one quite like you!