One of my more recent books is called, Got 10 Minutes…for God?  Since I write devotional books for a living, it occurred to me that some people may not even know the purpose behind doing daily devotions.  In fact, they might not even know what the word “devotions” means. After all, everybody’s busy! What can be the benefit of taking time to sit down with your Bible, or a devotional book, or a prayer journal? 

The idea of the book then is to give you ways to spend a few minutes with God. I think of it as “devoting” some time to God, just for the two of you. I’d like to invite you to try it or try again if you’ve tried it before. Some of you are kindly nodding your heads that you will do this, but others of you are pretty sure you simply can’t take the time. I get it. Time evaporates. We simply don’t have enough hours in a day. If that’s not the reason, here are some others you can use.

       1. You’re just not a morning person! You don’t even wake up before your second cup of coffee.

       2. You are not a holy roller. Your family would think you were really weird if you did that!

       3. You have to get the kids up, make lunches, get everyone off to school, get dressed and then get yourself to work. You can’t add one more thing to your morning routine.

       4. You don’t know anything about the Bible, and you’re pretty sure it’s just too old-fashioned for you anyway.

       5. You have to go to the gym or do your exercises first thing in the morning. You are trying to stay healthy. We all know the whole world put on weight during the pandemic.

       6. You barely have time for yourself as it is, so how can you have time for God? God knows how busy you are!

        7. You might consider it if you don’t have to do it every day. How about once a week or maybe every other week?

        8. You’re sure God has better things to do than listen to you whine. You’ll try this stuff when you’re older and life slows down.

        9. You just can’t do this God stuff. You would rather find God outside when you take a walk.  

        10. You don’t think God has any interest in talking to you. After all, your life is a mess, and you’d rather not remind Him about that.

No doubt you can come up with ten other good reasons for yourself.  Those reasons are valid to you. So, here’s my reminder. 

If you don’t have the kind of relationship with God that you have with your best friend, then you’re missing out. You’re missing out on the chance to know the One who designed you and knows everything about you. You have nothing to hide.  You can’t surprise Him with things you’ve thought or done. But what you can do is get to know His heart, His love for you. You can learn how the pieces of your life puzzle fit together. You can enjoy the company of your Creator. It could be risky. You may love your time together so much you wouldn’t even imagine missing it. 

God is always ready to talk. He’ll even wait till you have that second cup of coffee.