Have you noticed there are people who just don’t pay attention, I mean they can’t be keeping up with the news. They go around with a sunny smile on their faces, with happy thought to share, as though everything in the world is just peachy. Of course, you appreciate their optimism, even envy it a bit, but you wonder how on earth they do it. Henry Nouwen wrote, “Those who keep speaking about the sun while walking under a cloudy sky are messengers of hope, the true saints of our day.”

His thought rings a bell. It appears the grousing and moaning and imagining the worst can’t really motivate your spirit or inspire thoughts of a bright future. So what can you do to get a sip of whatever it is they are drinking? After all, you could use a little taste of that bright spirit to ignite your soul and get you back into the game?  Here are a couple of thoughts:

You can go to the One who is actually in control, the One who wants good things for you and the people you love. If you stop what you’re doing and spend a moment or two letting Him know how grateful you are for the good things in your life, the clouds might not seem so heavy. Seek His help with those things that throw you for a loop and keep you wondering if He’s still there. What you may be surprised to discover is that He hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s right there, waiting to help you shine a light on a new possibility. He can move those clouds out of your sky so you can see Him more clearly.

It may not take as much work as you think to get through those gray days. God knows what you need and nothing is too hard for Him to handle. Today you could surprise yourself with a sense of renewed optimism, an over-the-top-you-can-do-it moment. It could even bring a smile to your face. Your shift in focus and attitude may bring a little light to someone near you, and before you know it, the future looks a little brighter. God holds the future in His hand, but He wants you to embrace it.

Come on, you can do it. Let your optimistic side out to play today. Get your glow on!