In my prayer time, I often ask God to change me, to give me a bigger heart, and a greater understanding of what He wants me to be. I wrote this poem as a little reminder to myself. Perhaps parts of it will resonate with you too.

Give me a heart

To kindly see

The ones You love

As You love me.

 Give me wisdom

For each one

To lift them up

To find the sun.

 Give me patience

Through the day

And kindness

In the words I say.

Remind me

That You’ve paid the cost

For all the lonely

And the lost.

 Forgive me

When I choose to judge

Or store up anger,

Or hold a grudge.

 Give me a heart

When I am wrong

To come to You

To make me strong.

 Humble me

When I speak,

To strengthen those

Who may feel weak.

 Let me be willing

To lend a hand

No matter how

My day is planned.

 Lord, help me be

A morning star,

Reaching up

To where You are.

 Give me a heart

So I can give

You all I’ve got

Each day I live.

 Give me a heart

That’s filled with grace

And sees Your Son

In every face.




 Praying God blesses you in big ways today.