Galatians 6:4 says, “Each person should test their own work and be happy with doing a good job and not compare themselves with others.”

Now that is great advice, but most of us are willing to ignore it. After all, we’ve been competing with others since we started kindergarten. Even in the sandbox set, someone was always a bit better at something than you were. If your teacher didn’t compare you to “Little Johnny” who already knew the alphabet, then your parents reminded you that your brother was amazingly gifted and so you better get your act together. Sadly, at six years old you already felt behind.

When you finally got through the school years where you just missed the GPA to get on the Honor Society and you weren’t elected Prom Royalty, you finally heaved a deep breath. Now you could call your own shots. College graduation was behind you and you could go for the opportunities designed just for you. No more comparisons. Or so you thought! You got your first great job and discovered that the guy before you was practically a saint and everybody loved him. Your first serious relationship went belly up when your ideal partner began to idealize somebody else. So where does it stop? When does it happen that you can totally be yourself, uniquely and positively you?

It happens today! Right now! From this moment on you are incomparable. You are free to be the one God designed because He loves you, molds you, shapes you and delights in you just as you are. He has a plan for your life that is uniquely yours and no one else can do it as well as you can. All you have to do is test your own work, do a good job, and be happy. That’s it!

The truth is, there’s nobody who compares with you!

God bless the work of your hands and heart today.