Psalm 118:5, NIV says, “When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; he brought me into a spacious place.”

Have you ever felt somewhat hemmed in by your surroundings, or the noises in your head? You can feel so confined, you hardly know how to think your own thoughts. It’s interesting that in this Psalm, when the writer is hard-pressed, struggling, feeling pressure from every side, God answers by bringing him to a spacious place. God gets him out of the box, out of that sense of being fenced in and puts him in a place where he can breathe. If you’ve ever asked someone to “give you some space,” or give you some quiet time to think things out, this Psalm may resonate with you.

As human beings, we often feel pressured by our jobs or our families, or even by the dismal news that plays on day after day. We wish we had more time because there never seems to be enough time to do all we intend. Of course, sometimes we create the box we’re in all by ourselves. We say “yes” to one more project, committee meeting, or family responsibility than we can actually handle. We fill up the calendar and wonder when we’ll get a break, or when we’ll have time to do the simple things like reading a book or talking to a friend. 

Imagine now that you are looking at a beautiful landscape that goes on for miles in every direction. Nothing disturbs it. Nothing seems hurried. It just goes blissfully on as far as the eye can see. Hold that image and breathe in the presence of God’s spirit, allowing Him to fill you with a deep sense of peace. That panoramic view offers perspective and calm. In that place, you can put down the stress and the anxiety of life and let yourself be free to enjoy the moment.  That’s what God did for the psalmist, and that’s what He lovingly does for you. Just call out and He will answer.

The One who created time and space and everything your eye can see knows what you need. He’ll help you step away from the pressing things and move closer to the blessing things. Give God all the space that surrounds you and He will bless you in great measure.