Ecclesiastes 2:24 gives us some advice about living our best lives. It says, “The best that people can do is eat, drink, and enjoy their work. I saw that even this comes from God, because no one can eat or enjoy life without him.”

Solomon in all his wisdom realized that God is part of everything a human being can ever enjoy. It stands to reason then that God intended us to find ways to be happy and enjoy what we are doing. Our joy is His joy. It must please Him when we recognize all that He gives us to foster beauty and tenderness and dreams. What keeps us then from giving Him thanks continually? 

Imagine for a moment that you create a gourmet meal for your family. You get out the fine china, you pull out the candles and the silver. You’ve made something special to please each person at the table. When you’re finished, you’re so excited about your dinner, you can hardly wait for everyone to assemble. As they do, you anticipate the smiles, the looks of delight on their faces as they survey the scene. After all, you’ve outdone yourself and you just know they must be excited too. You are so happy.

But then, the family comes to the table, and no one expresses any particular pleasure in the effort you made to create such a beautiful setting. No one sees their favorite dish and sends you a smile of gratitude. In fact, one person gets a phone call and leaves the table rather abruptly. Another looks downright gloomy and says they just don’t feel like eating, and a third one asks why you put out the good china. After all, nobody special was coming to dinner. 

What happens? Your shoulders slump a little, you try to smile and act like it doesn’t matter that no one noticed. You make small talk, get through the meal, and clear the table. The air has gone out of your balloon, and the joy of all you’ve done, disappears. You’re still glad you did it, but you’re just not as sure why you try so hard.

I can’t help wondering if God feels a bit like that too. After all, He set our earthly tables with everything we need. He provides each thing that delights us and brings us joy. and He does it every day with every sunrise, year after year. He shows up for every special event and every gathering. Maybe He feels a little like we do when we go the extra mile, make a great effort, and don’t get any feedback, any applause. Maybe He wonders if we realize all that He tries to do to make us happy.

Since God created the ground we walk on, and gave us the talents to do what we do, let’s do a happy dance, tell everyone what He has done, and give Him the glory. Maybe even give Him a round of applause!  I suspect the air will be filled with utter joy!