Just yesterday, we sang our hallelujah’s, grateful, joyful, uplifted by the faithfulness of all that God has done. Psalm 113 says, “The Lord’s name should be praised from where the sun rises to where it sets.” Why? What difference does Easter make? If we believe in God, isn’t that enough?

Not being a theologian, I don’t intend to write a sermon here. I simply want us to stop just one moment longer and meditate on the idea of what it means to have Easter faith. Many of us trust that no matter what happened today, the sun will indeed rise again tomorrow and that a new day will bring new possibilities. A new day will bring the opportunity to try again, to complete a task, or to seek forgiveness. A new day is important because it not only marks the passage of time, somewhat like a book with pages to turn, but it also motivates us to keep moving forward. Every sun rise puts us that much closer to something important and we want to be ready for it.

When we consider what God has done, not just for some, but for every living person on this planet, we are awed. He gave His Son, His rightful Heir a huge task. He wanted His Son to give us a way to get out of the muck and madness of earth so we could live in heaven one day. God asked Jesus to get to know us, love us, and die for us. He wanted us to know God is faithful; always has been, always will be. God is the Source of all light and life and that’s why He gave us the glory of Easter! Through His Son rise, all things could be made new.  Life would be restored, and joy would be resurrected.

Since the hard part was done by God Himself, what does He want from you? He wants you to look for Him with every sun rise, remembering all that He does and all that He has done. He wants you to be faithful to His call on your life and be glad you can rise above the chaos of this world, on the spirit of Christ’s love. He wants your heart and your life to be full of the gifts only He can give you. When you look out at the world today, here’s your assurance. God knows everything that is going on, and He knows what you need. Be faithful and He will be with you at every sunrise, guarding, guiding, and protecting you from here to heaven. Maybe you could shout just one more hallelujah!

Many blessings to you and a belated Happy Easter!