Isaiah 44 reminds us that God was pretty specific about His role in the matters of planet earth. He said, “I am the Lord, who made all things. I alone stretched out the heavens. By myself I made the earth and everything in it.”

That is certainly clear! For me, that begs the question about how big we think God is. What do we truly believe God is able to do? Is it possible we’ve gotten so used to creating a God who fits in our own understanding, that we’ve lost sight of who God really is? It’s worth pondering because we live in a culture that applauds the intelligence of computers and the ingenuity of those with brilliant minds, and we leave all the credit in their hands. We are amazed at what man can do. Why aren’t we amazed at God’s creation?

Today, I’d like to pull us back to the beginning, to the One who actually ordained everything we see and literally placed you and I in the midst of it all. Sometimes I think we forget that God is not a human that we can manipulate or control or create into everything we want Him to be. God is supernatural! God is big! In fact, God is so big that nothing is too hard for Him. Imagine that! Nothing is too big for Him. If that’s the case, isn’t it odd that we work really hard to reduce God into something we can understand? Isn’t it amazing that we try so hard to put God in a box?

So here’s my thought. Give God a chance to be bigger in your life! Let Him create opportunities for you. Let Him guide you and inspire your way. When you do, the events of the world will not give you anxiety. The actions of others will not be all there is. Everything will have more possibility because you can see God’s hand at work. In fact, I feel pretty certain that the more you intentionally look for God, the more you will see Him. 

Let the Divine heart of God raise your spirits today!