Sometimes we struggle with our connections to others. We feel estranged from people in the family, because they simply can’t understand what we’re going through. We’re still hurt by the recent conversation we had with a friend and so we don’t feel like sharing our concerns with them right now. Beyond that, we simply aren’t convinced that talking about things will make a difference. Emotional reactions are part of living and so they can reflect reasons why we sometimes struggle to pray.

After all, what is prayer except the opportunity to talk to God about the things that matter to us? We choose to talk to God because we believe He cares about our lives and wants to help. We believe all that to be true until we become too weary, too discouraged, too uncertain to even lift our thoughts in prayer. We simply don’t have it in us.

The difference though in not being able to talk with your family and friends, and not being able to talk to God is significant. A conversation with other human beings depends on timing and emotions and opportunities to talk. As precious as it can be to share our hearts and minds with others, the outcome is always limited by their opinions or values or personal truths. God isn’t locked into any of those things. He is faithful, which means that any time you want to talk with Him, He shows up. You don’t need an appointment. You don’t need to be in a good mood. You simply have to desire His presence.

Since God is omnipotent, He already knows those things that you want to discuss. He knows you so well, He can hear all the things you don’t say, as well as those you do say. He understands you like no one else is able to. So, when you don’t feel like you can pray because you’ve already tried to pray many times, without sensing change, then do this. Tell God how difficult it is for you to pray because you’ve waited so long to hear from Him, or you’ve tried so hard to understand what He would have you do. Tell Him that you are willing to pray, even if you’re not sure why you do it. Honesty is always helpful to meaningful conversation.

As far as I can understand, there is only one prerequisite for talking to God. You have to invite Him into a conversation. When you humble yourself before Him and let Him shine His light into your heart and mind, you’ll be amazed at how much you enjoy praying again. After all, talking with someone who loves you is always a helpful thing.

God loves to hear you pray!