The NCV version of Psalm 23 starts this way. It says, “The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need.”

Do you remember the last time you truly felt content, blessed to be able to say, “I have everything I need?” The psalmist gives us a significant clue to this genuine sense of peace when he starts by offering credit to the One who watches over him. He knows that with the shepherd guiding him, there is really nothing missing in his life. He is cared for, blessed with nourishing food, protected from the evils of the world, and equipped with the talents to grow and thrive. He has everything he needs.

Sometimes we don’t differentiate between the things we feel we need over the ones we want. We might even imagine they are the same thing. Only you can determine those differences, but God’s job, His desire, is to provide the things that keep you strong and able to walk with Him in peace. He wants you to have nourishment for your spirit and your soul, enough talent to give you a sense of purpose, loved ones and friends to sustain you in your troubles, and a place to go in prayer when you need His help directly. He wants you to not just have a few things, but all things that work for your good. He watches, sustains, protects, forgives, pursues, provides, nourishes, and blesses every part of your life.

The sheep and the shepherd have a two-way relationship. The Shepherd is there for the sheep every step of the way, seeking them quickly if they become lost, feeding them when they can’t feed themselves, and walking with them every place they go.  The sheep have only one job. They have only to listen to His voice, follow where He leads and rest in His care and they will have everything they need.

You and God have a two-way relationship as well. He is there for you from your first breath to your last. He sustains your soul. He encourages you every step of the way through every moment of your life. Your job is the same as the sheep. Your job is to pray, listen to His voice, and follow where He leads. When you do, you’ll discover that no matter what happens anywhere else in the world, you are safe and content. You have everything you need. 

Whatever you must face today, may you know in your heart that God is with you, right where you are. He sustains you even when you don’t realize He’s there. He’s the Good Shepherd. May you feel His continual blessing.