It appears that my Father’s Day post did not actually go out, so I have posted it again. 


Since we just celebrated Father’s Day, I wanted to give a special shout out to all those amazing dads who helped shape and inspire generations of kids.  I’m posting this, not only to great biological dads, but to granddads and awesome uncles, and stepdads, and even those guys who shared a father’s heart with the kids around them. Great dads are born when their first child comes into the world. With each baby step, they learn what it means to love and shape another human being. Here are a few things great dads have in common.

Great dads always want the best for their kids. They inspire potential and they invest in all that brings greater possibility. They set a standard for a kid to reach.

Great dads laugh and play and tell stories. They know that nothing builds a relationship like spending time together and getting to know those little things that make each child unique. They look for ways to bring out the smiles.

Great dads are loyal. They never give up on their children. They don’t let setbacks get in the way of a bright future.

Great dads know when to back off and let their kid simply take a few steps on their own. They trust that they’ve given their child those basic ingredients of respect and kindness and common sense. They set healthy boundaries where everyone can thrive.

Great dads say, “No!” They recognize that sometimes their role is not to be a friend, but to be a parent, and help their child come to terms with moments when things may not go as they hoped for or planned. 

Great dads love unconditionally. They stand up for their child, embrace them when they fail, and show up when their child needs them. They listen with hearts of love.

And finally, great dads realize they cannot do it all and so they pray for their child and seek God’s direction and favor. They know that as they watch over their child, God is with them. 

Are great fathers great all the time? Perhaps not. Do great fathers ever fail at becoming father of the year? No doubt!

Father in Heaven, I give you thanks and praise for dads everywhere who make a difference in the lives of their children. I thank you too, for the grandpas and the new dads with toddlers, and the dads who may not always remember how important they really are. Strengthen and renew the relationships of dads who need to reconnect or make more of an effort on behalf of their children. Amen

For my own great dad in heaven, and for all those men who take the title of “dad” to heart, I applaud you today.