When the Israelites walked through the wilderness with Moses for forty years, they had to travel light. After all, they weren’t going to find a DSW on the road ahead. In fact, Deuteronomy 29:5 says, that God took such good care of His people that their clothes and their sandals didn’t even wear out. Imagine that! Forty years of walking and their shoes still looked brand new. 

Now, most of us never think twice about our shoes wearing out because we have shoes for a wide variety of occasions. We can walk, run, or dance with any number of stylish footwear options. The point here is that God took care of His people. He provided all they needed, even down to making sure their shoes were fit for the journey. 

What about you? Are you confident that God is in the details of your life? Do you trust He is leading you into the future, aware of everything you need, ready to act on your behalf in the days ahead? Maybe God is even calling you to step into some new shoes. Maybe He has a whole new direction for you to go and He just wants you to follow along. Perhaps then you only need to take these two steps. You need to keep walking closely with Him, leaning in to hear His voice, and catching up if you’ve fallen behind.  After that, you have to choose to step up and out in faith every day.

An old adage says, “Nobody else can fill your shoes.” In light of God’s plans for your life, He might say the same thing to you. He might want you to understand that He has a mission for you that is unlike the work anyone else has to do. He might have a direction for your life that can only happen if you are willing to get going and walk with Him. He might even have new shoes that will fit better than anything you’ve ever imagined before. They are designed for you, and you alone!

It stands to reason that your Divine Soles will never wear out.  In fact, with every step you take, they will just get shinier and shinier.