It’s always been interesting to me how often we’re driven by what we believe are the facts of a given situation.  We talk about the “real” world and the “real” numbers as though those are immovable truths.  Those of us who believe in our dreams, rely on faith, or dare to hope for more may even feel chastised by those who prefer to face facts because we think they perceive us as not looking at  the truth of our situations.

Nothing negative here about the fact finders and the truth sayers, but I can’t help questioning how we actually know when to accept things as facts.  A simple example to me is the poor caterpillar that goes slugging along on its belly, not really looking up, but simply existing, getting its share of daily bread and hoping no one steps on it or finds it a tempting meal.  Should the caterpillar face the fact that its crawling days are it, all that it will ever experience?  Should it never hope that someday it will fly?

Is it a fact then that where you are at this moment in your life is a fixed reality?  Is it all there is for you?  Is it what God had in mind when you were designed?

Some of us I fear face the facts, accept the realities, and let our light go out much too quickly.  We think of what might have been or what we think will never be, but the truth is our reality is a moving target.  Today’s reality can be totally changed by tomorrow.  You may be slugging along in life now, but next week you may find an incredible change has happened.  It probably won’t be comfortable or easy.  You may have to challenge your heart and mind to believe in things that are not yet there, something like faith I suspect. Once you’ve gone through the process though,  isn’t it possible that a beautiful new you will emerge so you can fly?

Today, consider the facts of your life, if you will, and then ask yourself is this really the end of the story?  Is this really my whole truth?  Is this really God’s plan for my life?   If you don’t think so…here’s another fact.   “Behold, I make all things new.”  Rev. 21:5

Keep your hopes and dreams alive today.  They will help you ascend the “facts” and fly into a new reality.

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