Chances are good that no matter where you look, there’s something you could worry about.  After all, you’ve been home for months and haven’t seen the people you love, so that makes you a bit anxious. Your grandchildren are growing up and apart from the Zoom interactions or the moments on Facetime, you’ve been unable to connect. Then, there’s the workspace, the option to work at home has had some merit, but you sure could use some interaction with the workforce that keeps your talents and skills working at high speed.

Of course, we could come up with everything from finances to health issues, to just plain boredom that might be causing you to worry, but as I read an excerpt from Strength for Your Soul this morning, I was reminded

of this. “Don’t Panic!” In Isaiah 43:1, God says, “Don’t be afraid, because I have saved you. I have called you by name, and you are mine.”

So, what does that mean? It means that the greatest force in any galaxy knows you, sees you and draws near to you whenever you call His name. It’s a reminder that He holds you, right now, wherever you are, in His amazing and powerful hands.

Today, unshackle yourself from the weights of the world. Rest your worries on the shoulders of the only One who can carry them for you. You are not alone. You are not living in isolation. You are known and loved. God is with you now and will be with you wherever you go today.  As He said, “You are mine!”

Martin Luther wrote, “Pray, and let God worry.”

Be strong because you are surrounded by an invisible means of support.  Sending you joy today.