It gave me great joy recently to spend time with a couple hundred amazing women and talk about prayer. Prayer is one of those topics that pulls us together in a sense of community and it also gives us a chance to be close to God in real and personal ways. Sometimes we can pray with every fiber of our being, invested in each word, passionate and certain about this sacred form of communication, and other times, we stumble through the words, not quite sure where we want to go. The blessing to us is that God hears our prayers either way. He sees us heart first and so whatever is moving our spirits to connect with Him, matters in a big way. Personally, I am a student of prayer with a lot to learn. I want to discover more of what is possible in prayer, what I can do to build a deep and lasting relationship with the only One who truly has answers to the things of this world. He knows we need Him. 

From my view on the stage at this event, I could see the beautiful faces of women who are just like me, still open to finding all the ways they can know God better and shine their light. I think the room fairly glowed with joy. I wrote a little poem a while back, (I told you I was once a greeting card writer) that I want to dedicate to the ladies of New Covenant Methodist Church, and it goes like this:

Keep Glowing!

You have a light inside you

That is meant for you to share,

And when God looks from Heaven,

He sees you shining there.

He sees you lift a burden.

Or dry another’s tear,

He sees your warmth and love

For those you hold most dear.

You are the light from Heaven,

A joy to those you know…

You make the world a brighter place

By giving it a glow!


I am so grateful that we can trust God with our prayers, our hopes, and our dreams. He knows what lies before us and wants to help us with every step we take. We simply have to call His name!

Blessings, dear friends.

Let’s keep praying with all our hearts, minds, and, souls!