Most of us feel uncertain when we’re surrounded by darkness. Dark country roads and dark city streets can shake us up a bit, reminding us how vulnerable we are. We hear more sudden noises and see more shadows in the tiny bits of light around us. Even childhood images of being in dark places flash through our minds. Yes, we definitely want a flashlight.

I remember when I was just a kid, we lived on a country road and sometimes we’d be walking home from some event at church or from a friend’s house and the dirt road would seem so much longer, so much scarier. My sisters and I would talk along the way to help relieve the tension we felt. I can even remember taking that walk alone a few times and praying the whole way home. 

Even King David was leerier of things in the dark. In Psalm 143 he sent up this prayer. He said, “My enemies are chasing me; they crushed me to the ground. They made me live in darkness like those long dead. I am afraid; my courage is gone.”

Fortunately, we seldom face that kind of darkness, but we can still have moments when our courage is gone, and we feel afraid. Hearing of devastating news from around the world, or in our own backyard can do that. Getting a startling diagnosis that came on like a crouching enemy we didn’t even know was there, can do that. Simply making changes, moving forward, trying new things, can all do that. There may be no limit to the things that cause us to feel afraid and lose our courage.

So, here’s the reminder! God sees just as well in the dark as He does in the light! He knows exactly what is going on with you and He never leaves your side. He walks with you on a dark road, one where uncertainty looms in the shadows. The shadows cannot extinguish His light though. He rushes toward you to put an arm of protection around you, offering you peace in the very moment you need it most. He hears your prayers and lights the way for you to walk more closely with Him. Jesus is the Light of the world, and nothing can change that. His light came on inside you the day you invited Him into your heart. He’s still there and nothing can separate you from Him. No darkness can overshadow you. You’re always on His radar so hold on to your courage, lift up your hands in praise, and remember you walk in the comfort of God’s love wherever you are. Most days, you won’t even need a flashlight. 

Oh, yes, here comes the sun!