Now, here I am, eighty-five years old. I am still as strong today as I was the day Moses sent me out, and I am just as ready to fight now as I was then.

                Joshua 14:10-11, NCV



Some days everything feels like a challenge. It feels like you have to fight for the simplest things to work out.  The local grocery store struggles to get the basic supplies to keep your household running.  The work you now do from home has slowed down to a crawl.  You work hard, hoping to create miracles, despite the odds.  You’re knocked down, but you’re not out.

What do you do?


Unfortunately excuses, even good excuses, won’t move us forward. We have no reason to give up the fight to accomplish things God placed on our hearts a long time ago. We may think we are too old, or too busy, or too out of shape to get back in the game. But the truth is, the only thing truly out of shape is our attitude.


Joshua lived to fight, not because he was a scrapper, but because he was a man on a mission. No matter how old he was or what his circumstances looked like, he had things to accomplish for God. He wasn’t going to give himself an easy out and he wasn’t giving people around him excuses either.

Live to Fight Another Day


You may imagine you don’t have any fight left in you. Life has overwhelmed you and nothing about it seems easy.  So, what do you do?  Take a note from Joshua and get back in the ring. Prepare for the bell to sound and fight with all you’ve got.  Don’t do it just for yourself. You already know you can’t fight any battle alone. Do it for God. Let Him know you are still there, still ready to suit up and go into the arena of life where you’ve been called to do His will.


The comforting fact is that God sees you right where you are today. He’s willing to give you the strength you need. All you have to do is give Him the courage of your convictions. He will build you up and renew your spirit and lead you to victory. Just let Him know you’re still there.


You are ready, willing, and able! You’re willing to serve and ready to keep moving forward. You can trust the God of all that’s possible to guide you toward your heart’s desires. That’s your mission!





Lord, I often feel defeated, and in that state, I know I don’t accomplish much.  I pray today that You will strengthen and renew me in body, mind and spirit so I might stand up and fight for Your causes in this world. Amen