Who has helped you say these words? And where did you get these ideas?

            Job 26:4, NCV

Counting the Words


Writers usually have some idea what they want to say before they put one word on a page. They have an idea, or a purpose, and a desire to influence the perspective of their readers.

Perhaps like Job, they might question where the ideas come from, or who helped them create those words. As a Christian writer, you pray, seeking guidance for ideas that will make a difference and draw your readers closer to God.

Though I’ve been blessed to write a number of books, I still question whether I will position my ideas in a way that impacts those who come to the page. I check each paragraph to see if I need to say things differently.

I try hard to measure every phrase, if not every word.

Creating Impact

As I was doing scripture readings and prayers this morning, I was struck by something I wanted to share with you. I was reading a series of verses I’ve read many times before. It was a story I knew well, even thought I understood, but today, I read one line I had never noticed. That line suddenly changed the effect the story had on me. It reminded me that every word is important. Every word will impact your readers in different ways. Some will get the main point right away and do something with it. Others will mull it over, cast it into the net of their own experience, or file it away for a later date. No matter what they do with it, it’s safe to say that each time they read it, it will impact them differently.

Writers aren’t always sure the words they’ve created count. They may not get feedback that supports or encourages the efforts they’ve made.

I want to encourage you to keep writing, keep moving forward, because your words are exactly what someone out there needs. You won’t know how you’ve caused them to rethink their personal lives and their investment into matters of faith. It doesn’t matter if you know that, it only matters that you write with courage and enthusiasm.

Keep Writing

Your job is to be faithful to the ideas God gives you. His job is to allow the Holy Spirit to interpret what you’ve said in a way that makes a difference.

When you’ve asked God to guide your words, whether you write them or speak them, you can trust someone needs that information…and what a blessing it will be!

Keep choosing to share your heart, your talents, and your ideas.

Blessings to writers everywhere!