Most of us lose things.  We lose our car keys and go through a bit of panicky searching until we retrieve them.  We lose our glasses, mumbling about how it’s impossible to find them when we need them to see.  We lose our way, often without even realizing it.

Recently, I was with a friend who lost his wallet.  To make matters worse, he lost his wallet within a few hours of needing to get to the airport, therefore making it necessary to have his driver’s license and his credit cards.  He was going on a trip and the wallet was definitely intended to go too.  After the initial search returned nothing, he backtracked, thinking about the place he had gone for breakfast, the gas station where he refueled, and all the possibilities that could bring the wallet back to him.  For the moment, it was lost.

Many of us would probably have freaked out at that point, worried that someone was already using our credit cards or having a shopping spree on the money we thought was ours for our intended destination.  We would have panicked over how we would get through the airport without a picture ID or a passport photo.  We would have gone into a spin of all the disastrous things that result from not having a wallet.  Ladies, if you’ve ever left your purse in a restaurant and driven off, not remembering it till you were ten miles down the road, you know the feeling.

Personally, I was impressed that my friend stayed cool about this event.  He didn’t fret about the money that may have been lost.  He started thinking about options he might have at the airport without a driver’s license.  He prayed.  It was a moment to behold.  The good news is that he found the wallet, actually in the place he had left it himself, though he had forgotten why he put it there.  He found it and all was well.  Then he breathed a sigh of relief and freaked out ever so slightly.

The thought that runs through my mind now that this episode is past is this.  What do I think is so important that I would actually be at a great loss if it was really gone?  What would heave me into a pit of despair? Losing my purse?  Losing my credit cards and my driver’s license?  Maybe.

The fact is, that there’s nothing that I own that is not replaceable.  Inconvenient to lose, yes, but worth pushing the panic button, probably not.  Would I go into this much turmoil over losing my faith?  Ah…there’s the question.  The truth is that I’m grateful to realize that nothing can separate me from God’s love.  I can’t misplace him, hide him, walk off and leave him with the end result being I’ve lost him.  I don’t need to panic.  I don’t need to worry about losing him as long as I keep my faith moving forward and my heart connected.

No matter what I may lose on this earth, I’m certain of one thing, that I was found a long time ago, and that means I’m found forever.  You’ve been found too.