Hello Adorable One! Oh, yes, that’s you! You may not always recognize how awesome and lovable you are, but it’s Valentine’s Day so get ready to be the center of attention. Psalm 139 declares that God can’t get enough of fawning over you, thinking about you, coming up with ways to make your life cheerier. He knew you before you came into the world and He’s proud of who you are and what you’ve become. He’s your champion.

Okay, so you’re starting to shut down because you don’t believe any of this is true. In fact, if you were reading about what a mundane, generally likeable, so-so kind of person you are, you’d be more comfortable. You’re not used to being flattered, but if God loves you like you’re the only person that was worth being rescued, then you must be something special. Here’s what makes you adorable.

You have a kind heart. You give before anyone asks for help. You look for solutions before you label problems. You stand firm in your faith and yet you allow others room to grow as God would lead them. You say “yes” when you mean it and find a gentle way to say “no” when you must. You make other people feel important no matter who they are and what they do. You listen with both ears, looking for ways to understand what is being said. You express your opinions with grace, knowing that others may challenge your views.

In other words, you’re a giver, a Valentine all year round. You don’t even have to show up with chocolates for people to be glad you are there. You create room for people to be in your life and you guide with patience and joy. You make all the rest of us want to be more like you.

We’re trying. We want to be adorable too. Happy Valentine’s Day to You, dear one. You know who you are!

May all your Valentines be adorable and lovable!

Blessings to you.