According to one statistic, the average adult changes residences about eleven times. In round numbers that would mean, that between the ages of 20 and 100, people move every 7.2 years. That’s the average! My personal average is more like 2.5 years. That means I’m very familiar with packing tape and moving boxes. It means I’m always starting over. Since I’m not in the military, you may wonder why I would move that often. The short answer is that there’s always been a reason, a story, a purpose behind every fresh start.

As I survey the packing boxes lining the living room for my next big move, I can’t help thinking about what moving so often has taught me. I thought I’d share my top ten reasons for appreciating the opportunity that comes with moving again.

  1. Moving to different parts of the country, and even to another country, taught me that we’re all a lot more alike than we are different. As people, we all want to live and love and thrive.
  2. Moving to a new place often brings hope and promise.
  3. Moving changes your view of what it means to “love your neighbor.”
  4. Moving builds your confidence and awareness that God always knows your address.
  5. Moving opens your eyes to new options and possibilities that can enrich your life.
  6. Moving means you are always missing someone somewhere that you had an opportunity to know and love.
  7. Moving causes you to keep learning, growing, and trying again.
  8. Moving means you rely on God’s presence and provision, and faithfulness to see you through the process.
  9. Moving shows you that home truly is wherever your heart is.
  10. Moving means you trust that God wants something new for you right now.

Of course, there are more reasons than these. I suspect some people would emphatically declare they hate moving. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Yes, it’s tiring and you have to take a lot of Tylenol. But those things are soon forgotten as you explore new horizons, invest in creating a new home, and seek out those people who will become your friends. So, if you’re moving out, moving on, or simply moving around, know that God is moving with you. In fact, He goes ahead of you to prepare the way. Your next move will be the best ever! 

Florida, here I come!