So, the Pantone Color of 2024 is peach, actually titled Peach Fuzz. Now the good news is that this color is nurturing and inviting and warm and says, “Let’s visit over tea!” The bad news is that some people have an aversion to peach fuzz, remembering the way they were required to eat the “whole” peach when they were just a kid. There wasn’t much that felt nurturing or warm about that. So, as I took in this little tidbit from the color marketing world, I wondered how many of us are going into 2024 feeling peachy. 

Peachy feelings are those with high hopes and expectations. They are personal feelings that aren’t initially influenced by the political climate or cultural bias. Philippians 4:8 reminds us to think about the things that are peachy. Think about the things that are right, pure, lovely, and admirable. The people of Paul’s day, the writer of this Philippians verse, may not have had much more to look forward to than we imagine we do. They certainly lived in a turbulent political arena. Only a few people possessed the things that money can buy. But Paul said, that’s okay because the world is peachy.  It’s peachy because God knows all about you and me and He hasn’t given up on us. It’s peachy because there are incredible things to think about that will keep our minds and hearts in a good place.

What are they, you say? You can think about your blessings, your warm bed, your sweet friends, and those who laugh at your stories, or comfort your tears. You can think about your courage and those moments where you could breathe in the spirit of goodness and contentment. You can give God praise for those who listen with compassion and love you just the way you are. You can break out in song or do a little dance because you’re a child of God. You can think about all that’s good.

When you think about the things that are joyful and creative and delightful, you get to spend the hours of your day filled with hope and possibilities. You see things from a view of beautiful morning sunrises and incredible landscapes. You see what else is out there, meaning what else is still, shall we say…peachy! As you go about your day today and we close the door on January, look for those things that bring life to your spirit and joy to your soul. Remind yourself that you are the one who creates the view around you. Let your heart trust in all that is good and worthy of your time and attention. Look for those things that God has done that are simply peachy!

Now, let’s have tea!