Day after day they tell the story; night after night they tell it again. Psalm 19:2, NCV

Life is revealed to us in stories. We learn about our ancestry, our culture, and our gifts of faith through the stories that are passed along from one generation to the next. When we were kids, there was nothing more intriguing than settling down to listen to the tale that simply began, “Once Upon a Time.” That incredible opening phrase has been used in nearly every culture and language since the 1300s. We love stories. Some stories invite us in and cause us to grow and change our lives. Some stories are dynamic and never-ending. They have an appeal that crosses the ages and connects listeners for all time.

God has a story. He told it in His own voice, in person, to those who were ready to hear it. He wrote the story down so that it could be read aloud and contemplated. He filled the story with amazing characters, villains and giants, queens and soldiers of valor. He moved the story along from person to person, people and cultures, heart to heart. Through the ages, God has caused storytellers to continue to share the tale. He’s given His words to preachers and teachers and speakers and artists. He’s built a foundation under the story and elevated it to the heavens where songs of praise could reach His ears from those dedicated to Him around the globe. The story is consistent and like any good tale has a beginning, middle, and end. You can read about the beginning any time you choose because once upon a time God created everything. 

Only God knows the details of the final scenes of His story. For now, though, He’s looking for great storytellers, people who aren’t afraid or ashamed of the Gospel, people who are ready to keep the story fresh and new. It’s a living story, active and intentional, ever filled with miracles and victories. It blesses its readers with comforting thoughts and guiding light. It excites the spirit and fills the heart with gratitude. It’s a powerful story that deserves to be on the best seller list of your life, reminding you not only of all that happened “once upon a time,” but guiding you toward the time that will change every heart at once.

Keep sharing the story God has given you. It will bless you and those who hear it every time you tell it. 

You are part of His amazing story today.