I’m speaking to a church group this month on the importance of “Prayer.” As I’ve been preparing for the talk, I’ve become more intrigued by what prayer is and what it does. For instance, “How do you pray without ceasing?” or “If God already knows all about my problems, why do I have to pray about them?” For many of us, prayer is not our first thought. It doesn’t begin our day. Instead, we rush off into the world and wonder why we often feel defenseless.

Of course, some of you are awesome prayer warriors and you’ve got this prayer thing down, but for those of us who might need some reminders on matters of prayer, or even why prayer matters, here are a few thoughts from yours truly.

  1. Prayer is the glue that holds your relationship together. You and God. God and you. You do your best when you stick together.
  2. Prayer is opportunity to talk about things that matter, with the only One who can actually do anything about them.
  3. Prayer is your standing invitation from the Designer of the universe to engage with Him in conversation.
  4. Prayer is the place you can go, when you finally give up on doing things your way.
  5. Prayer is your oxygen; the opportunity for God to breathe new life into you.
  6. Prayer is your flashlight, the thing that keeps you moving forward no matter how dark things might be.
  7. Prayer is your love language, a chance for you to let God know you couldn’t possibly live without Him.
  8. Prayer always finds its way to God’s plan and purpose.
  9. Prayer lifts you up, no matter how far down you might be.
  10. Prayer is the place where God will meet you every time you show up.

You don’t have to have all the right words. You simply have to have the right heart. God will do the rest. 

Prayer: Don’t leave home without it!