Since we’re just getting into the New Year, I thought I’d share a personal story about making New Year’s resolutions. It’s always good to reflect on those things you accomplished in the old year and consider things you might want to do differently now. Many of us actually find that doing a little personal inventory is beneficial to our hearts and minds. Often, we are reminded that there were certainly some blessings in those days gone by, and there were unexpected moments that we’re glad are over. So, what now?

This year, my husband and I decided to do some New Year’s resolutions as a couple. We sat down with a business-sized yellow pad and we talked about the year that had just ended. We reminded ourselves of those moments when we actually did triumph, with God’s help, and those moments that we hope will never come again. We talked about some of the things we had worried about that never happened, and some of the things that helped us grow stronger together.

Then we turned our attention to this New Year. What do we want to do differently? What do we want to do more of or less of than last year? What would make this year feel fulfilling and happy to us as a couple? It was a great exercise and we sat and talked about it for a couple of hours. We’re still thinking about it and musing about those things we’d like to do better. Of course, our real goal is to be good marriage partners, to support one another in the work we do, and to bless our families and pray for our loved ones. We want to keep life interesting and encourage each other in every way possible.

Our friends will laugh when they see that we also wrote, “We will not move this year,” as part of our list. In our brief eight years of marriage, we’ve moved six times. We both think it would be good to stay put for a while. We’ve actually caused people to stop changing our address in their files because they know they will just have to change it again. Of course, we listed some practical things that we need to do for health and family reasons, and then we drifted into where would we like to travel, would we still enjoy a road trip, and what can we do to make our days count?

I feel certain that God has some plans we’re not aware of, but we’re planning to chat with Him often enough to hear what He has to say. We’re always up for a little heavenly advice.

So, just for fun, you might consider sitting down with your beloved partner in life and exploring the things you’d both like to see happen this year in your home life, in your work life, and in your spiritual life. You might even surprise each other with things you still want to do. 

May God hear all the prayers of your hearts this year.

What will you be in 2023?