Give thanks in every situation because this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18


Sometimes I throw my hat in the ring.  Sometimes I throw in the towel.  Sometimes I just get thrown for a loop, not expecting the crushing blow, the layoff, the end of love?

I am not always able to give thanks for a circumstance that threw me under the bus and left me crushed, humbled, buckling at the knees.  After all, I always pray that God will watch over me, protect me, and help me to do those things that please Him.

How should I respond when I feel broken, no longer able to function in the ways He designed me?  What if I’m just a chipped cup, a broken saucer, hardly good for anything?

Yes…what if?  The fact is when I’m feeling less than whole, the things that fall apart are generally unreal expectations. If it were up to me life would be beautiful all the time and everyone I love would love me right back.

Over time, I’ve pieced a few things together. My Creator is the glue that sticks with me no matter what, reshaping my heart and my mind.  I’ve learned the Creator of the Universe is not done with me, even when I no longer seem to have obvious value, even when I’m cracked and broken.

This is why I always have a reason to be grateful. I know that no number of crushing blows, no army of broken relationships, no flood of fury can ever take away all that I have. The God who knows my name, who knows the intimate details of my very being and who molded me from nothing can raise me up over and over again until He takes me back to rest in His arms.  That part of me is uncrushable.  That part of me is perfect.

You are uncrushable too…even when you’re slightly cracked, or unfit for your old purposes. You are simply being redesigned…remade…shaped into something even more stunning and beautiful.  Now that is a reason to give thanks!