Perhaps the most natural thing in the world is for any of us to look for someone else to blame when we find ourselves in a mess. After all, we hate even thinking we might truly be responsible. Apparently, Adam didn’t need anyone to help him conclude that he could just blame Eve when God questioned him about his actions. In a sense, Adam was actually blaming God. He said, “It was the woman you gave me…” Whew! He had two possibilities, God and Eve and so he blamed them both. Did it clear up the mess though? No! It didn’t do a thing to provide a positive outcome.

In Matthew, Jesus even asked, “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” Yipes! Now, that’s worth pondering. What is it that allows us to peek around the big log in our own eyes, and try to find some splinter that is in the eye of someone else? 

Unfortunately, we all do this! We don’t like being the one who made a wrong choice, a poor decision, or simply stuck to a stubborn action. Somehow in our own minds we hope that even if we suffer further for our own mistakes that others will blame themselves for not doing what we wanted…even when we were wrong. So, what is the answer? If I have a log in my own eye, then I cannot see clearly what is going on. I cannot even understand how I am compounding the problem. I imagine that I’m the only one who is right and everybody else, regardless of their good intentions toward me must be wrong. Who can help me get the log out of my eye?

Perhaps there are a number of solutions to this problem, but in my heart of hearts, I think the only one who can truly solve the problem is me. I have to take a good long look in the mirror and face my fears, my stubborn pride, even my arrogance. I have to recognize that I have gotten in the way of getting help from anyone, even God Himself. God will not overrule my stubbornness. He can only help me when I invite Him in and when I surrender my own need to be in control. He is not trying to blame me, He is simply waiting for me to realize I need His help, because I cannot fix everything by myself. 

For any of us who might get a log wedged in our eye now and then, I want to suggest that we move as quickly as possible to get help. Shifting blame will not help us. Pushing others away will not help us. Holding on to the need to be in control will not help us. Only getting the log out of our eye will change our view, give us a hopeful perspective.

The truth is that everyone wants to help. Even those who become the recipients of blame. They want only the best. If you ever find yourself in the blame game, give it up, and do everything you can to gain a new perspective. Everyone who knows you and cares about you wants good things for you.