Psalm 145:14-15 says this: The Lord will keep all his promises; he is loyal to all he has made. The Lord helps those who have been defeated and takes care of those who are in trouble. 

Now let’s take a closer look at what this says because we just may find that our hope rests in these words.  “The Lord will keep ALL his promises.” I emphasize the word “ALL” because God is the only being, the only one ever, who keeps all his promises. The psalmist doesn’t say God will keep the ones that are convenient for Him, or God will keep the ones He made to the patriarchs, but not to you. God keeps His promises because He knows what is happening now and forever. He knows the past and the future. He knows the good and the bad and the ugly of every living person. He knows you need Him to be loyal, and faithful to His word. 

When we don’t keep our promises, we usually give ourselves an out of some kind. We imagine we didn’t have a choice, or things were not in our control. We blame something or someone for our change of heart. We do that because we seldom understand what our promises really mean, either to ourselves or someone else. We have learned to be suspicious of any promise that someone makes, and we may have good reason to be on the alert. After all, few promises are kept.

So, let’s go back to the One promise keeper who lives eternally, sees what you need, and loves you beyond anything you will ever understand. His promise is that He will never leave you. He will always help you, even when you feel defeated. He will rise to any occasion you put before Him in prayer because you matter to Him. Your health matters. Your family matters. Your grief and pain and sadness matter. He promises to strengthen you and renew you and bless you every time you call on His name. Did you get that? Every time, not just sometimes! The best I can do is “swear to God” this is true. God does it one better. He swears by “Himself.” He knows He cannot do anything but be truthful and His Word is His promise forever and always.

If you’re struggling with anything: anxiety, health issues, grief, loss, misunderstanding, unforgiveness, anything at all, God offers you, His promise. He keeps His Word, and His word says that He will help you no matter what is going on. Depend on Him. Trust in Him. Believe Him. Surrender all your heart and mind to His care and keeping. 

May God bless you beyond measure today. May you rejoice in His promises.,