The Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them, and you will be changed into a different person. Once these signs are fulfilled, do whatever your hand finds to do, for God is with you.   

 1 Samuel 10:6-7, NIV


Samuel was giving Saul a sense of what would happen when he received God’s Spirit in this passage from scripture. He wanted Saul to understand that he wouldn’t be the same guy he was before. He would be different. In fact, he would be able to do things he never even imagined he could do. He’d be so in tune with God’s heart and mind, he wouldn’t even recognize himself. God’s Spirit changed Saul and made him wise and able to demonstrate the power of God. He was wrapped in God’s favor, at least for a time.

That was a pretty incredible experience for Saul, but as we discover later, Saul didn’t stay close to God and the Spirit left him. The difference in the work of the Holy Spirit in Saul’s day, over our day is Jesus. When Jesus ascended into heaven after the resurrection, He told those who were near that they should wait for the Holy Spirit who would fill them, comfort them, and lead them into all truth. As you may recall from Acts, the Holy Spirit rested on more than 120 people and they were changed. They weren’t just changed for a time like Saul was, they were changed for eternity. When you invited Jesus into your life, you opened the door for His Spirit to fill you too. That is the Spirit that makes you a new person.  Can you feel it?

The reminder here is that you are living in God’s grace and favor and your soul loves that about you. You can dare to be different because the light is on, the light is within you and the darkness cannot overcome it. Sure, you can dim the light, maybe even forget it’s there sometimes, but you will always return to your Redeemer because He will never let you go. Sometimes in a world that works hard to make everyone think alike and dress alike and sound alike, we lose a desire to be unique and honor our differences. Maybe it would help for you to step in front of your mirror and thank God for making you a light, causing you to be different. He designed you to show everyone around you what grace and love and kindness look like. Your sweet light offsets the darkness.  Shine on!