You may recall an enterprising character called Don Quixote, inspired by Miguel Cervantes. Quixote is a warrior, a man of God, equipped to do a great work. Coming upon some windmills, Don Quixote says, “Look there, Sancho Panza, my friend, and see those thirty or so wild giants, with whom I intend to do battle.”  His friend replies, “What giants?” Of course, Quixote sees giants, not windmills, for he has a great mission to accomplish. When Panza tries to affirm they are only windmills, Quixote ends the conversation by saying, “Obviously, you don’t know much about adventures.”

We may see Don Quixote as a misguided, somewhat ungrounded being, who looks at the world as a conquest, an opportunity to right the wrongs. He is driven by love and nothing can keep him from his goals, even a bit of reality. We may be able to learn from this fictional character though. What if we woke up each day intent on doing something for the greater good, something for love? With the support of just one friend and a full heart, we’d trust God to lead us forward as we stepped into the day. How would we see the world then?

Most of us seldom question the giant opportunities that loom large around us. We don’t grab our armor and anticipate the great mission set before us. But might we be missing something?

Jesus equipped us, gave us armor and a big job. He said to go out into the world and tell His story, help people see Him, give them a chance to shine. It’s a giant task. Sometimes, it feels like we are battling windmills. We have to remember then that we have a trusted friend right by our side, powerful beyond measure, and already claiming the victory.

The world may think you’re a bit odd, maybe even a little crazy, but that’s okay. You have a mission, and you already know a lot about living the adventure of a life in Christ.