Overwhelmed? Wondering when things will make sense again, when you won’t feel like everyday brings a few more black clouds? Well, you’re not alone. In Psalm 94, the psalmist declared, “When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.”

I don’t know about you, but I need some of that. Is there any comfort we can glean from the One who sees everything and knows everything? If so, how can we get it?

Anxiety seems to be covering the globe and there are few people who can walk around it, or simply ignore it. It’s the response to a continuing saga of events that leave us feeling powerless. It runs through our veins with every social media update about the Pandemic, every CNN report about earthquakes and hurricanes, and every person who wonders if they should even attempt to step outside the house to go to work. The drug companies fill our TV screens with ads about one more way to cover up our angst, get rid of the diseases that come from such unrest, and cause our insurance to soar even higher. We’re running on empty.

So, this is the point where we need to step away from the newsfeeds and go somewhere else. We need comfort for our souls. We need grace and mercy and a renewed sense of all that’s possible. You can look all you want to the world for those things, but you won’t find anything that really works, or that isn’t just a band aid fix. You can do what the psalmist did though and go to God, the comforter of your soul. Even if you’re not sure it will work, give it a try. Pray! Ask God to help you in your personal circumstance. Ask Him to show you exactly what you can do to help yourself and those you love to hold on a little longer. Then pray for His peace, that powerful peace that goes beyond all human understanding until it fills your heart and mind.

Relief will come. Strength will return. The light will shine again. Your prayer alone will turn a light on, and that prayer will inspire others, and one by one, the darkness will disappear and your soul will dance.

Don’t stop now. Hold on a little longer. God is in the midst of even this, and His plans are all for your good.