Summertime often brings a flurry of special events, and weddings are high on the list. Now that Covid 19 does not restrict us quite as much, we might find ourselves blessed to be part of weddings again. As I was thinking about that, I remembered a piece written some time ago by Ryan and Selena Frederick. For all of you who are married, see if this one resonates with you. As we know, weddings are always beautiful, but marriage takes a lot of work and a lot of love. I adapted the Frederick’s message a bit to say this:

Most weddings echo the words, I do, but sustaining marriage means we have to say “I do” nearly every day. When we genuinely love, we choose “I do” in the day-to-day interactions of our life together.

We say…

I do…make you a priority.
I do…speak to you kindly.
I do…practice integrity when you’re not around.
I do…honor you.
I do…make time for you.
I do…stop and listen to you.
I do…forgive you.
I do…choose to never give up.
I do…choose to put my phone down and have a real conversation with you.

I do…love you more than words can say.

I do…thank God every day that He brought you into my life.

I do…commit to being the best me I can be for you.

I do…seek God’ guidance to be a better spouse.

I do…look for little ways to bring you joy and make you smile.

I do…realize how precious our love is.

I do…take care of myself for both of our sakes.

This list could go on forever and you could add your own special ways to show love. Of course, as believers, we invite God into our midst, knowing there will be days when we depend on His strength more than anything else.

Feelings of love are great, and words expressing love are romantic. But as much as possible, let your feelings and words of love be punctuated by actions that bring joy.

Say “I do” every day to the one you love! It will keep you both smiling.