Today, Election Day, is one of those times as voting Americans that we put our hope in each other.  We hope that somehow love will rule the day as we make choices that affect the lives of millions of people.  We pray that our differences will only illuminate those places where we need to grow and understand more of what God would have us do.  It’s interesting how much we try to believe in the promises of those in authority, the ones who would lead us forward into a new day.  We try to believe that they really will demonstrate leadership that is sustainable and that brings people together.  We hope for the best because it feels too big for us to handle, no matter what the outcome.

My hope now is to remind all of us that God knows our situation and He has a plan for us at this very moment.  He knows what He is able to do in the hearts of leaders around the world and He knows that He has ambassadors everywhere who strive for the rights of humanity that are born of love.  As John Calvin said many years ago, “We must not imagine that the Lord’s promises are true objectively, but not in our experience.  We must make them ours by embracing them in our hearts.”  God’s promises stand firm, steadfast and unchanging.  Together, those of us who trust in His promises must humble our hearts before Him and be brave.  He is good and true to His Word.  These are the things that will hold us up. These are the things that will remain true election after election.

Elections are but a moment, governments are forever in His hand and the difference that remains is what rules our hearts.  I encourage all of us to imagine that love is still a sustainable objective, love is still a measurable experience, and in your heart of hearts hope remains strong.  May you celebrate the faith that keeps you strong and the joy that comes from knowing that the vote is already in and God chose YOU!  Feel His embrace today and stand on His promises with joy!

“All of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Him. That is why we say “Amen” when we give glory to God through Christ.”

Sending blessings and joy to your hearts today.image016