Psalm 133:1 says in part, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers [and sisters] dwell in unity.”  The verse goes on to give examples of those who have been selected and anointed by God to do His work. It suggests that joining together brings opportunity for good to prevail. When good prevails, everyone benefits. Perhaps Veterans Day is a reminder that the world seldom embraces unity. Those called to serve under our flag stand together to do the work, to share the gifts and talents they have to offer for the greater good. Those people stand united, and they inspire our hearts and minds. They challenge us to recognize that we can achieve a oneness of heart and mind and spirit that makes a difference. United we stand!

Our hearts go out to those who have dedicated their lives to the possibilities of peace, to the opportunities to keep others safe. We can’t begin to know the things they face each day, surrounded by enemies at home and in foreign lands. We can’t imagine what it truly means to put our lives on the line for an ideal, for love, for a calling that is stronger than anything else. What we can do though is unite our hearts to theirs, pray for their lives and their work and the things they are given to do. We can stand with them and respect the goals and the dreams they carry out for the rest of us. We can be the support they need every single day as they serve, and all the days of their lives when that service is ended.

We can even do more than that. We can stand up united in our efforts to promote peace and kindness wherever we are. We can give each other room to be who we are and shine the light of God’s love on every person we meet. We can be ambassadors of good will every single day in our homes, our neighborhoods and across the globe. We may not all wear uniforms, but we are all called into service. When we stand together, we are the family we were meant to be.

Thank you to our Veterans and to all who strive for peace in the world today.