Sometimes we forget how quickly life can change. One minute we’re stuck in a traffic jam going nowhere fast, and the next we’re stuck at home going nowhere at all! Before the pandemic, we used words like “business as usual, busy, busy, busy, and I have to go to work.” Now we have some new vocabulary. We use phrases like, “social distancing, wear a mask, and work from home.” We have stepped away from our social norms, maybe even our families and friends, in an effort to stay safe. We debate getting vaccinated, question authority, and wonder if God knows the mess we’re in.

Pushing the pause button has caused many of us to do some careful reflection about the way we live. We question whether being so invested in making a living has actually kept us from living at all. Nothing seems predictable or certain. Simple things like going to church or to the grocery store, things we literally took for granted, now are tinged with a more sobering consequence. It’s not especially kind to our spirits, but it does make us look inside ourselves to discover what it is that really matters.

God is not surprised by this change in our current events. Since He knew a long time ago, these days were coming, He’s already prepared to help, to stand beside you and give you discernment in how to move forward. He sees you right where you are. He wants you to realize that He has not changed and He has not gone away, and He is not missing a beat of what is happening. He wants you to focus on the one thing that matters more to Him than anything else…You! You have mattered since the day you were born. Because you matter, He wants you to give a little more thought to living a meaningful and purpose-driven life. He wants you to be your best self, become all you were designed to become. He wants you to thrive and be blessed.

Philippians 1:10 says, “For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return.”

This could just be the best time in your life. It’s your chance to walk with God and learn more of what He wants for you. Everything about you matters. God is with you. He always has been and always will be.