Could you be more intentional about those things that effect your beliefs?  If you want to step into January 2024 with a faith-building checklist, here are a few ideas that may just bless your soul. Consider some of these:

  • Start every morning with God. That’s right! Take time to chat, one on one.
  • Ask God to help you change your negative habits and attitudes.
  • Keep a journal to note one thing you do each day to please God and make your soul happy.
  • Begin a daily Bible reading plan.
  • Pray. And then pray again!
  • Read a daily devotional book or a devotional blog.
  • Seek opportunities to share your faith at home…at work… or anywhere you happen to be.
  • Be intentional about giving God credit for good things that happen in your life.
  • Thank God for showing up just for you. 
  • Hand your worries over to God.
  • Step aside from the news and those things that dampen your spirit.
  • Seek out a faith partner, someone you can pray with and learn from.
  • Go to church because you really want to be there.
  • Practice loving people who are different from you.
  • Let your light shine!
  • Be grateful.
  • Ask others to pray for you.
  • Know God is with you in every circumstance. 
  • When you fall down, ask forgiveness, and get up and start again.
  • Most of all, remember that God knew you even before you were born, and He’s been loving you ever since. 
  • Let this be the year you truly say, “All is well with my soul!”

May God bless you with an exciting New Year as you continue to grow in faith and fulfill your divine purpose.

Time for a soul dance!