Your mind is a complex character. It can wander off on its own. It can fall down and skin its knees as it carries the weight of the world. It can imagine defeat or paranoia or corruption. It can walk back in time to keep you stuck in a moment. It has boundless energy, and an endless ability to provoke you, disrupt you, or even delight you. So how do you control it? How do you keep your thoughts moving in a positive direction?

Romans 12:2 gives us a clue. It says in essence, “be careful what you take in, what you listen to, read, or imagine.” The world bombards you with such diverse ideas that your mind gets confused and uncertain. It doesn’t know whether to go to the party and sample everything in sight, or whether to stay home and hide out. It loses its grip on what is real and what is phony. The writer of the scripture addresses this by saying, “renew your mind,” and give it a break. Turn off the social media hodgepodge and set aside some time for quiet reflection. Focus on one good thought. Hold it. Embrace it fully and internalize it.

Philippians 4:8 takes this a step further, when it advises us to fix our thoughts on the good stuff. Think of the things that cause you to break out in smiles and laughter. Recall those things that help you feel strong and healthy and loved and whole. Put your heart into things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

The stories in your head control everything. They either love on you or accuse you. They taunt you about your failures and sins. They interrupt your hopes and dreams. The good news is that you can choose what to think about. You may have no control over the headlines and the newsfeeds, but you have total control over your thoughts and the actions that result from them.

The truth is that you are one of God’s best thoughts, one of His most brilliant ideas. According to Psalm 139, He can’t stop thinking about how precious and delightful you are. If God’s thoughts of you are so lofty, then you have everything you need. Thank Him for giving you precious memories, dreams, and beautiful thoughts each day.

You can trust that God has fixed His love on you. He wants to empower you, hug you and call you His own.

Here’s a good thought. When your mind wanders, let it rest on heavenly things.