I usually thrive on setting goals, diving into a new project, and finding my way toward a fulfilling solution. I love starting a new idea and watching it grow to become something I never even imagined at the start. I love creating a new book and allowing it to unfold in ways that alluded me at the beginning. Oh, yes, and I love when a book is done! 

Sometimes though, I find myself in a space where I can’t form an idea that has any merit at all. It’s not that ideas don’t come, it’s that they don’t form a relationship with me so I can work with them. When that happens, they fade away, and I try again to imagine what I should do next. So, I wanted to share what I’ve discovered. I’ve learned that almost always, the biggest obstacle I ever have to overcome when I want to move forward, is myself. I’m reminded of the quote from Mother Teresa where she said, “Let me get out of the way, Lord!” That’s me! Let me get out of the way!

When I’m in the way, it usually means this has happened. I’ve gotten away from the One source that guides me. I may do my morning devotions, but I’m a half-hearted reader.  My thoughts are overloaded with my current life concerns. My heart is trapped in worry. My ideas run around like they’ve been caught up in a whirlwind, but they never quite land. It appears that I am truly the obstacle. 

It reminds me of a prayer time I had a while back when I imagined I was following Jesus up the side of a mountain trail. I was following, but like my half-hearted devotions, I was only somewhat attentive to things around me. Absorbed in my thoughts, I finally realized I was facing a huge obstacle. It rose like a pillar and blocked my way. I called out to Jesus, but by then, He was way ahead. Like I’ve done in so many frustrated prayers, I called out in anguish, and He stopped. He turned. He started back toward me, and I watched Him. He got bigger and bigger as He approached, and my obstacle got smaller and smaller. By the time, He reached me, the obstacle was just a pebble at my feet. He looked at me, stooped and picked up the pebble, and opened His hand to show it to me. Then, He smiled and tossed it over His shoulder. I blushed. I knew it was me that stopped looking at Him. I had created a pillar of worry. 

I often think of that prayer time, because I still can do that. I like to think I’m more quickly aware of setting up another obstacle. but I know it can happen in a heartbeat. I try to get out of the way.

Only Jesus can turn obstacles to pebbles and worry to peace. All He asks is that I keep looking up. Hope you keep looking up too.

Blessings to you.