Each one of us sees the world through a personal lens. We developed that lens through upbringing and cultural influences, through friendships and life experiences. We use our particular point of view to help us manage expectations, perceive impressions, and even grow in our faith. Whether we hold a positive and uplifting view of life depends a lot on all these things. As we engage with the world, we find ourselves in the midst of many other people’s views.

All of this means that at some point we have to choose what we believe. We have to decide if the world holds the best opportunity to live with truth and justice, or whether there’s something more. We have to set a boundary for what is acceptable to us and what is just too far beyond the scope of anything we can trust to be good. It’s not an easy job, but all of this goes into the point of view we hold. When Jesus came along, He had an agenda that was partially about helping people get a new perspective. 

God already had a point of view that differed from the way most humans thought. He had spent generations trying to capture the attention of His creation, only to have them take one step forward and two or three steps back every time. Sometimes they forgot about him for decades. Jesus wanted to wake them up, help them see that God was still there, still powerful, and still in charge, and there were simple ways for them to get to know Him. Mostly, they had to put down the perspective they had held for so long and be willing to see things from a new lens, a different angle. They had to witness the amazing things He did to help them understand what God wanted for them and from them as they lived, and long after they lived on earth. He wanted them to have hope for tomorrow and to understand that this earth plan was definitely not all there was. He opened their eyes to see something new. 

Whatever point of view you hold, try to imagine what God’s view of you might be at this very moment. Does He see you and understand you just as you are? Does He root for you to wake up and realize He’s there? Does He give you hope? What’s your view?

God is busy even now, trying to open your eyes to see Him more clearly.