Recently, I was able to spend some time with my grandchildren. They are a delight in every way and one of the greatest gifts they give me is the reminder to see the world with wonder. When my four-year-old grandson announced to me something he had learned from when he was a little kid, I couldn’t help but laugh. After all, at four, he is so grown up now. At the same time, I was swept back to the days when I was a little kid, growing up in a country setting, innocent of the world, and certain that everything was glorious. It seemed to me then that the world held a bit of magic in its hands as I discovered that a wild buttercup growing along a dirt road, could turn your chin yellow. As we walked to the swimming hole, (and I do mean hole) my sisters and I were awed by puffy little seeds that could pop and curl in your hand, and by dandelions that could blow blissfully along on the wind. Those days were filled with wonder.

Watching my three little grandchildren, I hope for wonder once again. I hope that they see the magic of the pumpkin that just grew up on the lawn from seeds planted several years before. I hope they are always fascinated by acorns and insects and the mystery that seems to be around every bend when you walk in the woods. As adults, we can still find the wonder of an awesome sunset, or the splendor of a beautiful waterfall. We can still discover the hand of God at work all around us, as we look with expectant joy at the things we’ve taken for granted far too long.

When you’re a little kid, there’s no end to the discoveries that nature provides, for you see God in absolutely everything. Perhaps it would be okay to let your “little kid” out for the day, looking attentively at those things you may have missed before. Like a puffy dandelion, you can take one breath and head out to explore all that is. Remember too that every seed is a story waiting to be shared. Every story is filled with wonder and imagination and confidence that something greater than exists. Every story still begins with “Once upon a time,” or at the very least, “When I was a little kid!”

May God’s spirit send you searching for new light, new life, and new stories today. He has more awesome things to share with you because His wonders never cease.