It’s always been you. It’s you because God sees you right where you are. It’s you because you have unique gifts and talents that only you can bring to the world. It’s you because whatever the question is, love is the answer, and no one could be loved more than you are. Oh sure, you have made mistakes, whoa! You have made some poor choices, ouch! You have done a few things that you might even worry have pushed the limits on God patience and forgiveness, but the fact is, He has never given up on you. He has never ceased to love you. 

The exciting part about being the answer is that the door is wide open for you to be the answer for a whole lot of other people too. You’re the answer to the person who feels lonely and rejected, because you are willing to invite them into your life. You’re the answer to the one who feels lost and out of control, because you have an anchor that will hold them too. You’re the answer to what it means to see others with the eyes of love because you know how much you’ve been forgiven and how much you are loved. 

God put a measure of His eternal hope and goodness inside your heart and He’s been helping you see that it’s always available to you. It’s always a place you can go when you feel more like a question than an answer. It’s hard to imagine sometimes why the Creator of all things keeps choosing to love His creation, the works of His hands, but it appears that infinite love is at the root of all He does. You can try to ignore Him, but He’ll keep showing up when you least expect Him. You can turn your back on Him, and He’ll leave you alone for a bit, giving you some space to discover Him again. You can resist His love for you, but why would you? After all, He not only designed you as one of the most amazing people on this planet, but He looks to you to inspire those around you, reminding others of all that He has done. 

You’re the answer and God is pleased with everything you do to shine His light. Thankfully, God has placed His answers all around the globe so no one will miss the chance to know Him.

Thank you for every time you embrace being the answer.