What makes us happy? Though variations on the usual drivers of our happiness quotient exist, here’s a few reminders of why you can smile again today.

Work: Whether you’re working away from home, or you’ve been retired for a few years, work that fulfills your soul makes you happy. When we consider the work we do as part of the call on our lives, it renews our energy and gives us a sense of purpose. Having a purpose makes most of us happy.  Scripture reminds us that any work we do with a heart for God is beneficial!

Friends: Friends love you just as you are, and it really doesn’t get better than that. They love you through the ups and downs of life, encourage you through your struggles, and always believe that good will prevail. They protect your spirit, guide your thoughts and hug you into happiness. 

Discovery: Whether you travel and explore the world, or get excited about visiting an antique mall, or discover new things through the pages of great books, exploring makes you happy. This kind of happiness is always available to you. You have the world at your fingertips and whether you watch the History channel or learn how great houses are put together on reality television, you’re always set to explore something new. Learning and discovery make you happy.

Inspiration: An incredible landscape, a message of hope, or watching an amazing movie can inspire your thoughts, adding joy to your life. They help you see yourself in new ways, embrace things that matter, recognize God’s hand at work, and desire to bring hope into each tomorrow. Your childlike faith and sense of wonder light up your world. 

Exercise: Okay, dance, walk, jog, listen to music. The things you do that cause you to move freely, feel the sun on your face, and the wind in your hair, are happiness bringers. They lift your spirits and give you lots of reasons to smile. Do a happy dance.

Faith: There’s a reason God set things in order and showed us how to find our way back to Him. God wants our faith to be a happy place. The eyes of your heart light up with joy as you walk in faith and love through each day.

Of course, our greatest joy comes from love…the kind we give one another, the kind we give our children, and the kind we give to ourselves. Jesus defined our happy place when He siad, “Love God, and Love each other.” Every day we can make the world a happier place. Love is free and the more we share it, the more there is to go around. Now what could make us happier?

Add your happy thoughts to the list and share your happy heart with everyone around you.

What a blessing you will be!