Most of us like to fix things. We like to clean up a mess, renew an old piece of furniture, or simply fix the problem at hand. There’s always a deep sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing something that didn’t work, or something that was ready to be thrown away, has been given a new life. We just like to make things better.

We’d probably agree that we’re equipped to come up with solutions, find answers, and repair the little things that need fixing. The thing we might find perplexing though is that we can’t always apply our skills to fixing big things. In fact, when we look at the growing list of things that might trouble our spirits, we can’t help wondering how anyone can fix those problems. As one person, what can I do about world-wide poverty, disease, climate change, ruthless governments, epidemic loneliness, and other things that are way beyond my basic talents. The more I pondered this problem, I thought it best to take it to the One Source that knows how to fix everything. After all, the Creator of the world we know, has a plan, and He is working it as we speak. So, I asked Him, “What can I fix? What can I do to make people get along, be a little kinder, feel loved and connected, and never worry about tomorrow? What is the one thing I can fix?

The answer shot back to me like a lightning bolt! It was as though God had waited a long time for me to ask that very question. He was poised and ready. He simply said, “Fix the place where you stand for it is holy ground.” I looked down at my feet. I looked up at the ceiling. I looked around the room where I had been praying. For the first time, I saw that space as holy. I realized God was with me. As I seek HIs counsel and direction, my place becomes holy. If God considered that space as holy, then every part of my home was holy as well. God’s presence made it so! He wanted me to fix my heart and my gaze on Him so that I recognized my life was designed by HIs hand. 

Fix myself. Fix the one thing I have some control over…fix me. Fix my thoughts, my heart, my gaze, my prayers, my efforts at work, my choices and my life on one thing…on God, and the work He has given me to do.

I can’t fix the troubles of the world, but if I fix one thing, me, I can then ease the burden of someone next to me, who can then fix one thing, and move on to ease the burden of someone next to him. We can’t fix everything, but with God’s help, we can fix what we do each day, by walking with Him and doing the work He called us to do.

Fix your thoughts on all the good things God has done, and the place where you stand will be holy.