Jesus made a conscious choice. He agreed with His Father that something had to be done. Someone had to rescue the people who were consistently and constantly getting themselves into trouble. He was Holy, sinless, and yet, willing to save the people God created.

Of course, we weren’t present for the discussion the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit had as they deliberated over what to do about humankind. We just know the result.  Jesus left heaven behind and came to earth. He opened people’s eyes and gave them new hearts. He made it possible for them to believe in their Creator. He did all of this for every living soul.

He loved you even before you existed, and He’s been loving you ever since. Jesus knew no one else could give you a clean slate, a way to be forgiven, and a ticket back to heaven. No one else could agree to take your sin, to become all the things that keep humans away from the presence of God. No one else could be the Savior of the world.

What made Him love you so much? Why did He try to shine His light to catch your interest? He wanted to come into your heart, your temple, your home, so He could dine with you. He wanted you to have a personal relationship and have the opportunity to talk and have fellowship. He wanted the best for you.  When He saw you coming. He didn’t want anything to keep you from God or Himself. He was willing to take on the insults, the suffering, the pain, the ingratitude, and the cruel consequences because you mean the world to Him. You are His child, His heir, and His bride. You can’t be more loved than that!

So, as you celebrate the Easter season, share the fun of bunny rabbits and colored eggs with your grandchildren, and then share His love with everyone around you. Share a story of what He has done to make your life better. Share a meal with someone who would otherwise eat alone. Keep a promise. Embrace those around you with hugs and smiles. Give whatever you can and do it from the heart. Set your Easter table with love. You can show others that Jesus is not just an idea. He’s not just a nice person who did good things for others. He’s not simply a teacher, or a healer, or a brilliant theologian. He’s more. He’s so much more because He cares about you, right where you are. He sees you and long ago, He talked to His Father about you, and He decided He just couldn’t let you go. He had to come to earth to stamp the ticket that would get you home again. 

He’s known you all your life. May you get to know Him better with each passing day. 

No one can love you more!