A number of years ago, an intriguing tale was brought to life in a TV series called The NeverEnding Story. The story involves a young hero named Atreyu who is trying to save his planet from utter destruction. One episode was called The Nothing. The job of The Nothing was to keep people in a world of despair and take away any sense of possibility or imagination they might have. The Nothing worked best when people felt that they could do nothing to change things. The Nothing threatened any thoughts of hope or goodness. It had more control when people were disillusioned and filled with despair. 

I can’t help drawing a parallel between this story and the despair in the world today. People who once would have relied on their faith, or depended on prayer, are walking away by the thousands, leaving hope and possibility behind. They imagine there is nothing they can do to stop the chaos in the world. They have surrendered all their power to those who manipulate their thoughts and emotions. They have forgotten who they are. Even Atreyu in the story, forgot who he was. He didn’t believe he had the power to stop The Nothing. The Empress of the planet assured him that he did have the power, because he still had hope and imagination and those things could start the ball rolling. 

Americans who profess to believe in God have reached an all-time low. The statistics are frightening. We not only have given up going to church, but we simply have also stopped believing in God. We’re more anxious than ever, more uncertain that good can prevail, and more susceptible to the outright lies of political leaders. We marginalize one another, forgetting that we’re all important to keeping hope and love and faith alive. We’ve forgotten that we’re loved by God.  We’re exchanging Everything for Nothing. 

I pose this thought because each of us plays a part in the story being told right now. You may only be one, but you can tell God’s story, or you can tell no story. You can buy into a world where nothing is beautiful or faithful or blessed, or you can surrender your heart in prayer and ask God to guide you into all truth, so you can keep telling His story. His story is the only one that is never ending. 

Please pray with me for God’s story to prevail.

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