Recently, I was reviewing some of the entries in my book called It’s Still Possible. When I wrote the book, I hoped to inspire readers to recognize the ways God has worked in their lives, doing amazing things to create new possibilities. Sometimes their options were very clear to them. Other times, they required a lot of prayer.  Every time, they needed to experience and believe in unique possibilities so they could recognize God’s hand at work. 

So, what helps us believe in possibility on any level? Perhaps it’s because we were born with a gene for optimism. We simply trust things will get better in the future despite how it looks as we observe the present. It could be that we’ve experienced real possibilities that created positive outcomes we never expected. We set a goal and amazing things happened. We realized that without our help, that outcome would not have been possible. If we run with that thought, and we affirm our part in making something possible, then maybe we can see by extension, that God can make all things possible. We may have come up with a formula to create something awesome or new, but He came up with all the ingredients we needed. We didn’t achieve anything by ourselves. He inspired our hearts and minds and provided the tools that created the perfect outcome. 

Most of us love inspirational stories of overcomers, people defying the odds to survive or to win or to live the dream they harbored for years.  We believe that God makes things possible for us, through us, and around us. He knows what will benefit us right now. He works for our good, to give us the advantage, to show us the most successful path. He doesn’t do it just for us though. He does it so we will tell His amazing stories to everyone else. We must share the mysterious, the mystical, the amazing, and miraculous things He does because it’s how God reveals Himself. During this Lenten season then, remember some of the most inspiring stories, Divine possibilities, you’ve ever heard. Think of how they helped you know without a doubt that God showed up and blessed you. Your history is an inspired history. You’ve had moments where you know God touched your life. Share those stories with anyone who will listen.

The Risen Lord is your Redeemer, your friend, and your life preserver. He stands ready every day to strengthen you with hope and new opportunities. He is indeed the God of all things possible. Keep telling His stories, keep remembering His goodness to you and those you love. Inspire the hearts and minds of others and help them discover greater possibility.

You are HIs light, shining to help the world believe in Divine possibilities.