I have a friend in East Tennessee who is always a glimmering light. The first thing she says when you see her is, “Hello, Gorgeous!” Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s been some time since I felt I was even a glimpse of gorgeous, so this phrase makes me blush. It makes me wonder what on earth she can see in me to make such a declaration. Of course, she calls my husband gorgeous too, but you know, he is.

The funny thing about Connie’s greeting is that something in me actually wants to be gorgeous, or at least pleasing. So today, no matter who you are, I want to remind you that at every age and stage, you have the kind of glow that can only be classified as gorgeous. You may not see it anymore when you look in the mirror, but I imagine that you are more beautiful now than you were way back when. Why do I think that? Because the older you get, the more you’ve been able to embrace your life as a follower of Christ. You were designed in God’s image and so you’ve grown to be more like Him, and to reflect Him in ways you never could when you imagined a youthful perfection. You are becoming more gorgeous by the day and that’s the truth.

So, what does it mean to be a reflection of God? It means you meet the world each day with a very different point of view from those who brush God aside. You look out and see God’s handiwork in every landscape and butterfly. You see the good in the people around you because you look for the spirit of God within them. You open your hands and your heart to do all you can to help others shine. These are not simple things because the world is continually seeking to find ways to make you feel ugly. The world view is not about love and grace and mercy, but about those things that leave others behind. You are God’s image, His child. You are among those that He looks at and fusses over because He can’t do enough for you. You are gorgeous!

So today, take a look at that amazing, beautiful human you see in the mirror and thank God for all He’s done to give you a brighter, lighter countenance. Thank Him for shaping and molding you into something that is far beyond ordinary, something that is beyond your wildest expectation, and see His light shining through you. You can’t help but see that you are, indeed, gorgeous!

Blessings to you all today.