Sometimes I like to ponder what it means for you and me to be created in God’s image. Does that mean that we bear some resemblance to God, even if we don’t share any of His DNA? Does it mean that on a good day, I might do things that seem like something God would do? Maybe I choose to be extra kind or loving or patient. Does that help me bear God’s image?

There’s a wonderful quote from Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis, where Aslan is giving him guidance. It goes, ” Do you mark all this well, King Caspian?” “I do indeed, Sir,” said Caspian. “I was wishing that I came of a more honorable lineage.” “You come of the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve,” said Aslan. “And that is both honour enough to erect the head of the poorest beggar, and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest emperor in earth. Be content.” Caspian bowed.

Lewis was trying to tell the king through Aslan that human beings are special to God. In part, they are special because they were created by God’s own hand. That makes all of us both amazing and wonderful, shameful and humbled. As the sons and daughters of Adam, we were designed to recognize God in one another because God placed a part of Himself in each of us. Whether we come from a legacy family, a bit of royalty, or utter poverty is all the same to God. He doesn’t care about the images we place around us. He cares about how we display His image to others. We can do that in any environment and any culture. We can shine His light from a lampstand or a billboard. All God wants is to see His reflection, His image within our hearts. 

King Caspian hoped to be from a great and honorable lineage. He discovered that, in fact, he was. We too are the offspring of Lord Adam and Lady Eve. We are the work of God’s hands, and He knows everything about us. Our job is not to worry about where we come from, but to look carefully at where we’re going. As we go forward, we have opportunities to grace others with a sense that God is somehow present among them. That means we show up bearing God’s image. 

Let us make God proud today by all the things we do.

May He see His reflection in each of our faces!