Do you remember what it was like when you headed back to school after a long summer? You probably needed new shoes, a new book bag, or a lunch pail.  If you lived in a small town, like I did, you hoped for a good homeroom teacher and that some of your friends would be in your same classroom. I loved starting the school year again. I loved learning things and imagining what could be. Maybe I could try out for the school play, or run for student government, or go to a dance. In my school where everybody from first grade to twelfth grade, was housed in the same building, school was where you got connected to everything that was going on. 

I’m not sure how it works these days. Schools have big campuses, and kids’ text and connect with one another all the time. They may attend a class, or they may do all their work online. I wonder if they still anticipate that first day because of all the possibilities and opportunities it holds. I wonder if they recognize the gift school really brings to their lives. I suspect some do and I’m glad for that. 

So, what about us? Are we done with our education? Do we still have things to learn? Well, it seems to me that life is a great big classroom, and those who put God at the head of their schoolboard, know there’s a lot to do and a lot to learn. You may have noticed that you get some life lessons whether you wanted them or not. If you did your homework, chances are good you got through those pretty well. If you missed the point of your lesson, you may find that it simply comes up again. You take that class over, so to speak.

No matter what age or stage you happen to be, God is not done teaching you some important things. After all, you’re one of His favorites, the apple of His eye. He likes you to sit close to His desk so He can help you at a moment’s notice. He’s your coach, your teacher, and your cheerleader. When you struggle to pass a test, He knows it. Sometimes He helps you get the right answers to pass with honors. Sometimes He allows you to fail so you can try again. Your effort always pays off though and He’s got a great book of gold stars to share.

So, as we approach opening day at school, maybe you want to get a new notebook, sharpen your pencil, and grab your textbook. You could even read ahead a bit, so you are ready to begin as soon as the bell rings. It’s going to be a great year and your teacher is already fond of you. What can you do to give Him a favorable impression? 

Whew! There’s so much to learn!