Sure, it’s just December 29th, but it’s time to start thinking about those New Year’s resolutions. Most of us start out every New Year with great intentions! We’re going to lose weight, we’re going to take better care of ourselves, and we’re going to be the best human beings ever! At least, we’re going to try. We’re exhilarated on January 1st, but it isn’t long before our enthusiasm takes a nosedive.  Our normal routine kicks in. It’s familiar, it’s less demanding, and we know how to deal with it. Maybe next year, we’ll do those other things. 

But have you ever considered making New Year’s resolutions about matters of faith? What if you decided to be much more intentional about those things that effect your beliefs?  If you want to step into January 1st with a faith-building checklist, here are a few ideas.

  • Start every morning with God. That’s right! Set up some time to chat, one on one and give God 80% of the talking time.
  • Ask God to help you with the things you want to change about your life, your habits, and your attitudes.
  • Keep a journal to note how things are going.
  • Go to Bible Gateway and create a daily reading plan.
  • Pray.
  • Read a daily devotional book or a devotional blog.
  • Seek out opportunities to share your faith…at home…at work… anywhere you happen to be.
  • Be intentional about giving God credit for good things that happen in your life.
  • Take note of times when you clearly see God’s hand at work.
  • Hand your worries over to God.
  • Step aside from the news and those things that dampen your spirit.
  • Seek out a faith partner, someone you can pray with, or someone who will help you when you’re trying something new in your faith journey.
  • Go to church.
  • Practice loving those who are difficult.
  • Let your light shine!
  • Do at least one thing a day that inspires your faith.
  • Ask others to pray for you.
  • Trust that God is with you in every circumstance. 
  • When you fall down in your faith walk, ask forgiveness, and get up and start again.
  • Most of all, remember that God knew you even before you were born, and He’s been loving you ever since. 
  • God’s plan for you is that this year you will be blessed with hope and a joyful future. 

May these ideas bless you and help you usher in an exciting New Year, as you continue to grow in faith and fulfill your divine purpose.

Happy New Year, Dear Ones!